The Journey

This story is packed with information, some of it genuine clues. Once you know where the treasure was buried, it is easy to recognize some of these clues. However, when you don’t know where it was buried, finding your way is extremely difficult.

Soon she began to feel awash in a babel of crowds and cars and to feel trapped in air so hazy she could barely see through it.

Most theories put forward about the solution have involved some haphazard selection of clues from different location in the book. Although this may provide useful information and may even lead to the treasure, I don’t believe that this is the intended Journey.

She had learned the most difficult of secrets: how to see.

If you know where to look, the path is always clearly marked.

There must be a path, a clear procedure to follow in order to get clear information about the location of the treasure. At the end, this location could be given as a text or perhaps a coordinate. My goal has always been to find this path. The absence of such a clear path is the reason why I am not satisfied with solutions provided up to now.

But finding a path is difficult. Are the chapters in order? Are they all required? Should we only focus on certain paragraphs or lines? If we take every 367th letter in the story, do we get a readable text? There are infinite possibilities.

The Journey needs a starting point and a path to the end. And here I am talking about a Journey in the book, not on the road. You should know exactly where the treasure is buried before you even get on the road. The text appears to suggest some possible starting points.

« Start me to your journey’s end. » (ROAD)

« To find your Treasure, you must first find your father’s grave. » (KITES)

« Go. Find my Treasure. » (KITES)

It’s time for your search to begin. (HORSE)

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