J1P1: The book cover

This is Page 1 of Journey 1 (J1P1). I call a Journey a starting point and a path to follow. This may not be the correct path as this is a work in progress, but it leads to very interesting discoveries, indicating that it may be part of the solution.

Looking for a starting point, I focused my attention on the cover of the book. Of interest are what appears to be two numbers in the structure of the maze: 7 and 31.

Book cover

As a starting point, we already said that Chapter 7 (ROAD) is interesting. Also, note the angel on top of the fountain, pointing to the 7.

In the fountain cherubs rode copper dolphins that sprayed gentle jets of water into the pool. The murmuring of the water soothed her, and she opened her book to read. It told about the things she had seen and heard on the Journey, and about each clue she thought she had found. (COURTYARD)

It appears that the book is close until that point (the book cover is visible). The book is then open to learn about clues. Let us move to Chapter 7, keeping number 31 for later.

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