J1P?: What now?

I am considering the following:

  1. At the end of J1P3:CEMETERY we moved a column up by two. This was done with weak evidence as an attempt to explain the last part of the chapter. It turned out that this was a modification that proved useful later.
    • The modification moved the A in PARTY up by two, which created an odd situation later in J1P5:PARTY when « the sound of a party » was no longer in PARTY.
    • We then converted that A to a B.
    • I noted in J1P6:THE MAN WITH BLACK GLOVES that a possible clue was the chess opening B2 to B4 (row 2 to row 4). What is interesting is that the A of PARTY was in row 2, and we moved it to row 4.
    • If we had postponed that movement in J1P3:CEMETERY, just noting the DEER, but not moving anything (i.e. the stallion was « frozen in time »), we would have converted A to B while A was still in PARTY. Then the chess opening B2 to B4 would have provided the instruction about moving up the column.
    • One problem with this is that moving up the column is required to form the GHOST row, critical to our solution to the rabbit’s card. But our path puts chapter 2 after chapter 19! Is the chapter’s order correct? In particular, is THWBG playing tricks on us? Is it out of order?
  2. The chapter order is critical. Where should we go after TMWBG? Or is TMWBG the last chapter?
  3. A note about Chapter 15 (RIVER). This is more evident in the movie, but I think we are talking about a whale. More exactly MOBY, a word found in our grid of letters, just before the word RIVER. The boat and the musical instrument are blowing steam. I also thing that it may be required to align MOBY with HOLE in the row above, providing a blowhole for our animal.